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Join the Board of Directors

April 2022



We’re looking for new board members!

Squamish Fresh is a volunteer run co-op which works hard to provide affordable fruit and veg for our community. We work together to address:

  1. Food security - We believe everyone should have access to healthy produce, every single week. 

  2. Community - We want to foster an open, inclusive and fun community so people feel more connected, supported and see how they can help others.

  3. Local sourcing - Where possible, we try to source locally to support local farmers and reduce emissions associated with importing goods.

If you would be excited to fill one of the following roles, please email info@squamishfresh.com with details of the skills, experience and passion you could bring to the team. 

*Note - All positions require a commitment of 2hrs per week. 

Product Director

Are you passionate about buying in season products? Would you feel confident planning out weekly purchases, considering the mix of ‘staple’ items and specials. Would you love to build a relationship with our current and future suppliers which ensures we get access to the best items, at the best price each week? 


  • Planning and placing orders

  • Building and managing supplier relationships

  • Providing Director of Marketing with relevant ‘foody’ insights

Operations Director

Do you like making clunky processes efficient? Are you savvy with technology, and confident in excel? Do you like collaborating with others to make their lives easier? 


  • In partnership with the Communications Director, manage the website content

  • Export, format and consolidate weekly product orders 

  • Look for process improvements across all areas of operations

Communications Director

Do you build quick connections and understand what makes different people ‘tick’? Do you know how to build a community and tell a story? Are you confident in sharing information digitally and in person, knowing we serve a diverse audience? 


  • Define an overarching strategy for our external and internal communication
  • Working with other board members to create content
  • Creating and delivering digital content via instagram, facebook and email

Events Director

Do you love hosting events and creating spaces where people feel welcome and relaxed? Are you inspired by sharing information on healthy eating, cooking and local produce? Do you want to build your connections with people in the local community? 


  • Create an events plan, which builds on the overall communications strategy
  • Partner with local organizations to plan educational events which meet the needs and interests of our community
  • Run events, supported by other board members



Please email us at info@squamishfresh.com. We would love to hear a little bit about you and why you think you'd be a good fit.