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Board of Directors

Current board members:

  • Sarah Mines
  • Caroline Brindle 
  • Payal Batra 
  • Alisa Smith
  • Melissa Woehler 
  • Jen Howe 
  • Tina Lanter
  • Andrea Spiegel



Chair - Sarah Mines

Sarah has a long history with the coop movement, from being raised in housing cooperatives, shopping at food co-ops and, most recently, as Founding Member and Director of Sustainable Growth at Alethea Global Cooperative - a newly launched worker coop focussed on directing the international education industry toward more climate-conscious, just, and sustainable practices. 

Sarah was raised with strong community values and believes in acting locally. She brings leadership, collaboration, and sound decision-making to working groups. Previous Board experience includes Fundraiser Manager for Vancouver Mount Pleasant Riding Association, founding member of GLOWEd (Canada’s first leadership organization for women in the industry of international education), and member at large on her strata council.

The opportunity to be on the Board of Directors of Squamish Fresh is exciting to Sarah as she has a real love of food and is passionate about food sustainability. She and her partner, a private chef, are always talking about or working with food whether cooking, baking, or growing on their rooftop garden.

Sarah is keen to lend her support in building Squamish Fresh, and to help provide the people of Squamish an alternative way to shop for healthy, reasonably priced, local, sustainable food.


Vice-Chair - Caroline Brindle

Originally from the UK, Caroline moved to Squamish in 2020 and has been looking for ways to get more involved in the local community. She believes everyone should have access to healthy, affordable food so was very excited to find this opportunity with Squamish Fresh. Her background is in technology project management and operations, and she’s excited to use these skills to support the sustainable growth of the cooperative. When not working she’ll most likely be found running, climbing and skiing or thinking up a new business idea.

Treasurer - Jen Howe

Jen Howe has been with Squamish Fresh Co-op since its inception. Her fabulous ideas, solid support of the team and reliability on the ground at pick-up has enabled Squamish Fresh to continue operating. The talented Mom of three (boys!) will be taking on the role of Treasurer and adding finance to her toolbelt.  She facilitated the relationship with her employer, Sea to Sky Courier and Squamish Fresh and the co-op is proud to call Sea to Sky one of its valued partners.


 Secretary and Director of Community Programs - Payal Batra

With a background in nutrition science, Payal is passionate about community health/nutrition and the interrelationships between local sustainable food production, food access, and community vitality.


Product Director - Alisa Smith

Alisa has been running ‘the show’ at Squamish Fresh Co-op since day one, joining forces with the other passionate women who felt like Squamish needed affordable, quality produce. She takes the time to cultivate relationships with suppliers, volunteers and members alike - one of those rare unicorns that has the magic ability to make work enjoyable. Her work ethic and common sense approach lend themselves well to directing the Co-op onwards in its growth. Her other jobs as General Manager at Match and Mother/Wife keep her connected to the pulse of Squamish’s business and family communities. 


Director at Large - Andrea Spiegel

Having moved from Vancouver to Squamish in 2018 with her little family, Andrea is deeply passionate about contributing to the community in a way that feels meaningful to her. Her entire family is made up of foodies and she believes in supporting local and buying from the producer as much as possible, which is why joining the Squamish Fresh board feels like such a wonderful fit as it starts to focus on engaging more local producers.


Director at Large - Tina Lanter

Tina has been the key to Squamish Fresh’s ability to deliver on its mission to serve Squamish residents and the co-op’s members. Incredibly supportive, with great ideas and a straightforward approach to challenges, she had carried out operations in a volunteer capacity before joining the team at a decision-making level in 2020. Her ability to pick-up and take on many different aspects of the business, while delivering wonderful customer service has made Tina invaluable to Squamish Fresh. On top of everything she does for the co-op, she is Wife/Mother extraordinaire and manages accounts at Markor Construction.

Director at large - Melissa Woehler

Melissa has been a part of Squamish Fresh since the very beginning and will continue with this wonderful group as head of marketing. Her knowledge of co-ops and how they exist to benefit the community lent a hand in Squamish Fresh molding itself into this unique type of for-profit business. Ever grateful for the support and insight offered by the rest of the board members, it’s been an absolute privilege to work with such an amazing group of women and bring affordable, fresh food to Squamish residents.