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Winter 20/21 Newsletter

 Holiday Time!

 Tell Amazon to take a seat and buy your gifts from Squamish Fresh. We're adding locally made gifts to our online shop very soon. This year we feel it's more important than ever to support our community and SHOP LOCAL.
  • Are you a local supplier? Email us! We're still accepting new vendors.
  • We're not taking a break through Christmas and New Years
  • Christmas Fresh Box will be available as of Dec 15 for pick-up Dec 22
What do YOU want to see in our Christmas Fresh Box? Send us an email to let us know!

Squamish Fresh is LEGIT

A massive milestone was reached this fall when Squamish Fresh became incorporated. Let’s all pause for a moment and enjoy the accomplishment. Looks like we’re stickin’ around. ;) We'll hold our first annual general meeting in April 2021. 
A great UK based video explanation of co-ops:
Co-operatives give people control over things that matter to them. There are nearly 7,000 independent co-operatives working across the economy. They contribu...

Welcome to the Board Tina & Lisa

This dynamic duo are the rock solid foundation of the Tuesday operations and we're honoured to have them as directors.

Hi! My name is Tina and I recently joined the Squamish Fresh Board of Directors. I started volunteering on Tuesdays as soon as the program was open to the public and I have never looked back. I absolutely loved the idea of a food co-op and saving money on produce. 

I absolutely love reading and long hikes in the woods and I especially love all the new friendships I have made since being part of the Squamish Fresh program. These are a wonderful group of ladies to spend time with each week!

Hello!  My name is Lisa and I am proud and excited to have recently joined the Squamish Fresh Board of Directors.  Having joined the co-op early in the program, I was so impressed by the dedication of the women behind the scenes and quickly offered to volunteer each Tuesday at sorting time.  I was on maternity leave following the birth of my second child in 2019 and this Tuesday time was a great opportunity to connect with new friends and get out of the house in those early days of mothering that can seem so isolating.  

I have watched with admiration as the Board of Directors adapted quickly and safely to any challenges that Covid threw at them in order for the program to continue in times where food security and supply issues were at the top of all of our minds.  I am grateful for this program and hope to contribute to its continued growth and success!

Organics Box (tell your friends)

We’re very excited to offer an all organic box. Each box will contain 5-6 different items. However, in order to keep it available we must sell a certain amount weekly. Give it a try and tell your friends that may not be members yet to give it a try too! THANK YOU

Our Challenge - Quality Issues

We work hard to ensure you receive quality produce. Occasionally you may see less than perfect produce due to a multitude of reasons, so PLEASE let us know. Certain times of the year are more challenging in this regard. Thank you for your understanding and know that we're on it!

Alisa's Tip: The Secret to Add-ons
  • Check the shop weekly (Fridays and Saturdays are best)
  • Buy Add-on items right away
Monthly ordering is a great time saver but we encourage you to check our online shop weekly as we occasionally get “last minute deals”. 
Also, If you’re interested in items, don’t hold off on buying right away as we purchase based on demand and when the demand dwindles, we stop ordering.

Please fill out the survey - it'll take about 1-2 minutes!

Wishing you a healthy and joyous holiday season from the Squamish Fresh team.
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