Tuesday orders are paused for Summer 2022 - read more

Summer 2020 Newsletter


Our new pick-up time is 3-6pm. Effective Tuesday July 14th.

Does the 6pm cutoff prove a challenge for you? See the hot news below regarding a delivery service! Also, posting on fb for a neighbouring member to drop off is a great option.

What happened to our All Organic Fresh Box?

Short Story: We put a hold on it and will revisit in September. Would you order an all organic Fresh Box on a semi-regular basis if it was around $35? Tell us here

Long Story: Based on our mini trial and upcoming CSA/Farmer’s Market season we decided to hold off. But that’s temporary. Health and sustainability are important to us and we feel this should be a permanent offering to our members but can only offer the best value if a certain number of orders has been reached - a challenge we’re up to tackling!

Are there any special products planned for this summer?

Yes! Think cases of berries and stone fruit. As soon as we can secure these deals we’ll post on Facebook and send a member email so you don’t miss out.

We have a birthday box full of goodies planned for August 18th. See below.

Paper bags vs. plastic bins?

We’re going to continue packing your Fresh Box in a paper bag. COVID19 is still a concern and we don’t want to prematurely switch back to our plastic bins but our plan is to use them again soon.

Members must now log-in

A recent change we made to our online shop requires members to log in to access member pricing and specials.


We’re moving!

Details TBD but we’re aiming to make the move this coming autumn. If the stars align we’ll be in an awesome new venue that’s centrally located and familiar to many of you.

Happy birthday to us

Hooray!! Squamish Fresh Co-op is turning 1. We’ll celebrate by honouring our members - with a member’s only Fresh Box stuffed full of goodies on August 18th. You don’t want to miss ordering this one. Look in the mirror to see why Squamish Fresh is still operating one year later. THANK YOU!!

Are you an entrepreneur that has something to offer our members? Email squamishfresh@gmail.com to participate in filling our birthday Fresh Box!

Home delivery? YES PLEASE!

On August 4th our board member Linda Voordouw will launch her delivery service. This. Is. Everything. For $6 you can have your order delivered to your home.

Coffee and bread price

We’ve secured permanent lower prices on coffee, now $13.49 (save $1.50) and on bread, now $5.50 (save $1). You’re welcome. ;)

Have an amazing summer Freshies! Enjoy the heady heights of this energetic season with your family and friends.

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